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Hot Rubber

Villa Roofing is an approved applicator for Hydrotech, Bakor, Carlisle, and Tremco Hot Rubber membranes. Hot Rubber as its name suggests, is a hot rubberized, fluid asphalt monolithic membrane for Roofing and Waterproofing. The most common substrate for this product

is a concrete substrate. The membrane is fully reinforced with a fabric which is embedded into the membrane. The system is then protected with different products depending on the overburden that gets installed on top of the membrane. With Hot Rubber membrane, like most other membranes, the application and the expertise of the installer determine the overall quality of the work. Our professional tradesmen have been installing Hot Rubber membrane for decades and truly are experts in the field


SBS Torch-On

Comprised of a base sheet and a cap sheet, SBS Torch-On is a sheet membrane system that is installed on roofs, terraces, podium levels, and below-grade concrete structures. The base sheet can be installed in a variety of methods depending on the substrate it is intended to seal.

Over concrete, the base sheet is usually torched on but it can also be torched over multiple layers of products such as vapor barrier, insulation, and protection course. Over metal substrate, the base sheet is usually torched over vapor barrier, insulation, and protection course, and over plywood the base sheet can follow the same installation methods as described before or it can be mechanically fastened directly to plywood. At every step of the process our professional team adheres to rigorous specifications in order to provide a quality and long-lasting Roofing system


Traffic Membrane

Poly-urethane membranes are commonly referred to as Traffic Membrane. The Membrane is installed on concrete, wood, or metal substrates that are not over living spaces in order to waterproof the substrate, and are meant to be exposed to the elements and foot or vehicle traffic.

Traffic Membranes are applied on balconies, ledges, metal gutters, and suspended levels of parkades. Our professional tradesmen have been installing Traffic Membrane for decades, and strictly adhere to manufacturers’ recommended specifications in order to provide a long-lasting surface. Villa Roofing is Western Canada’s largest installer of BASF Traffic Membranes and has the ability to handle any size project



Villa Roofing is fast becoming a leader in the field of Architectural Metals. Metal flashings are installed at the base of building walls and over upstand walls to terminate and protect the Roofing membrane and to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to the perimeter.

Using qualified installers with decades of experience, Villa Roofing can install Makin or Cascadia metals in standard to custom colors, all while adhering to strict RCABC guidelines



Villa Roofing supplies and installs pre-cast concrete pavers manufactured locally by Abbotsford Concrete or Mutual Concrete. Pre-cast pavers are installed on private or common Roof decks above-ground to provide an even walking surface.

The pavers are installed on pedestals and are advantageous to poured-in-place concrete topping because they can be removed and stored away easily during drain maintenance, cleaning, or future re-roofing


Below-Grade Waterproofing

Below-grade Waterproofing and tanking of large-scale underground basements and parking structures is one of the most important services we offer, especially when the project is near, at, or below the water table or near a large body of surface or subterranean water.

We are approved applicators of many sheet products, liquid-applied products, and cementitious products, and with countless years of experience in dealing with different geotechnical situations, our experienced and knowledgeable team can work with project consultants to offer a Waterproofing solution from an arsenal of different tested-and-true types of membranes and technologies that can fit any budget and address the needs of any project

Warranty Package

A new roof is a big investment, and choosing Villa Roofing is a guarantee of reliability. Villa Roofing’s warranty program lives up to its reputation by offering you a full 5-year warranty for material and labor related to building envelope solutions.

As an owner, building manager, or strata, protect your assets and avoid costly leak repairs and damage while reducing your overall cost of ownership by enrolling in Villa Roofing’s “Roof Asset Management Program” or RAMP. RAMP is a value-engineered commercial and industrial roof maintenance and inspection program designed to prolong the lifespan of your existing roof. Our expert technicians understand your roofing system and have the expertise, safety training, and certifications necessary to properly and safely inspect, maintain, and repair any issues that arise. Let our trained and skilled team perform the maintenance work on your roof so you can rest easy, knowing that your roofing system is in the hands of trained professionals you can trust

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