The CCI Safety Mission

Safety First.

The CCI Safety Vision

At CCI, our employees and trade partners are our most important asset. We will take every possible step to protect the health and wellbeing of our people implementing a comprehensive safety program. All our workers, manager and supervisors are individually and collectively responsible for making certain we strictly adhere to our commitment of safe work practices. The program is administered via constant self and supervisory monitoring of Work Safe acts and conditions with follow-up action as needed.
The safety vision sets the tone for the culture of Safety First that exists at CCI. All managers are responsible for the safety and compliance of their supervisors and supervisors are responsible for the safety of the project teams.
This corporate culture of safety starts at the top. A comprehensive handbook of safety and procedures was produced by CCI to provide continuous reinforcement and guidance on policies, procedures and compliance. Nothing is more important than the safe completion of the projects. At CCI, everyone is part of our emphasis on safety: every manager, supervisor and worker is continually focused on ways to keep our safety performance the best it can be.

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