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Division 9 Services

CCI is drywall and more. The CCI Group is now a large family of construction services companies in the fields of Drywall, Masonry, Waterproofing, Roofing and Construction Management. The endeavor is Kanin Construction Management (KCM). KCM leverages the significant resource base of CCI to undertake large-scale construction projects on behalf of the premier property developers in Canada.

Here is described the CCI Division 9 service. CCI Drywall specializes in all aspects of Division 9 services for commercial, industrial and residential projects. We proudly provide excellence in commercial and residential drywall services throughout British Columbia, Alberta and beyond. Th entire capability of the CCO Group can be leveraged to meet the needs of a project of any size. CCI delivers projects as scoped, on time and on budget without compromise to quality and/or safety.

  • Framing
    • Light Gauge steel stud walls
    • Bulkheads, ceilings
    • Soffits
    • Structural Framing
    • Fire rated Assemblies
  • Drywall
    • Interior GWB and taping
    • Exterior GWB
    • Level 5 Finish
  • Insulation
    • Acoustic insulation
    • Batt Insulation
    • Mineral wool
    • Rigid Insulation
    • Vapor barriers
    • Spray Foam
    • Spray Thermal
  • Ceilings
    • GWB Ceilings
    • T Bar Ceilings
    • Acoustic Ceiling panels
    • Concrete Spray texture
    • Concrete Ceiling Level 5
    • Metal Linear Ceilings
    • Wood Ceilings
  • Acoustic Walls and Specialty
    • Aluminum Privacy Screens
    • Acoustic Wall Panels
    • Misc. Metals
  • Stucco
    • Rainscreen Systems
    • Peel n Stick
    • Acrylic
    • EFIS


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   #1100 • 21320 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6V 2X5