With close to 1,000 employees and a 15-year track record of successful projects in British Columbia, Crystal Consulting Group of Companies (CCI)
is a trusted partner for large complex projects within British Columbia and Alberta.

Specializing high-rise and multi-unit residential and commercial projects, the privately held family company offers drywall, steel stud framing and waterproofing services,
and it just finished putting the final touches on the Telus Sky Building in Calgary, a 761,235 sq. ft. 59-storey office and mixed-use tower. Crystal is also working on The Concord tower….

Article by: Canadian Design and & Construction Report special feature – September 24, 2019
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   Tel: (778) 294-4425 • info@ccigroup.ca
   #1100 • 21320 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6V 2X5